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The developer user group started in 2010 when Mark Pearl & Terence Kruger launched the Programming Languages User Group. Over time the group evolved to be about more than just programming languages and was renamed the Developer User Group.

The Johannesburg Developer User Group has been hosted by Microsoft since 2012 and was a launch partner in their Community Nights initiative.

In 2014, the Developer User Group officially became a non-profit organisation.

In 2014, Terence Kruger & Botha van der Vyver launched the Pretoria chapter of the group, which has been hosted by Momentum ever since.

In 2018, the Cape Town chapter of the user group was launched.


DevUG is run by a team of volunteers and assistants. Without their hard work it would not be possible for the group to exist.

Bradley Van Aardt Photo

Bradley Van Aardt


Bryan Richards Photo

Bryan Richards

Head Office

Candice Mesk Herodotou Photo

Candice Mesk Herodotou


Enrique Geldenhuys Photo

Enrique Geldenhuys


Ezra Jivan

Cape Town

Joan Pearl Photo

Joan Pearl


Marié Atkins Photo

Marié Atkins

Head Office

Robert MacLean Photo

Robert MacLean

Cape Town

Joshua Willmot Photo

Joshua Willmot

Cape Town

Ewald Horn Photo

Ewald Horn

Cape Town


These wonderful folk have worked hard in the past with DevUG and we want to acknowledge them here for their contributions.

Botha van der Vyver Photo

Botha van der Vyver

Mark Pearl Photo

Mark Pearl

Sean Radley Photo

Sean Radley

Terence Kruger Photo

Terence Kruger

Lawrence Puttergill Photo

Lawrence Puttergill

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DevUG would not be possible without the generous support of these sponsors.

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